Halifax County Business Horizons, Inc. is a private non-profit organization with a mission to provide funding for economic development projects in all of Halifax County. Over the past five years, Halifax Horizons has raised over $800,000 to support business and industry recruitment and expansion and tourism development. Through private contributions from businesses and individuals, Halifax Horizons provides critical financial support for projects that directly impact the success of local economic development efforts. Halifax Horizons integrates every part of our community as we work to generate a sense of pride and purpose.  Our corporate and individual members have a true commitment to improve the quality of life in Halifax County. Sharing our successes and increasing the community’s exposure, Halifax Horizons' members create an energized atmosphere for growth and prosperity.  A few of the projects that Halifax Horizons has supported are listed below that illustrate the range of support our organization has provided to all of Halifax County:


  • Environmental studies to support the location of JBB Packaging at the former Flambeau building.
  • Site development for two rail sites to support new industry locations in Halifax County
  • Forest Products Resource Assessment - Study of available forest product resources within a 25, 50 and 100 mile radius to support location of wood-related projects in the Enfield Area of Halifax County
  • Reser's Fine Foods - Site studies and permitting assistance to support multi-phase expansion and location of a new division of the company's operations in Halifax County
  • PCB Piezotronics - $45,000 to support the relocation of 30 families from Buffalo, NY to Halifax County
  • Halifax Corporate Park - Geotechnical, environmental, and other site studies to support the designation of this 700-acre site as a North Carolina Certified Industrial Park
  • Furnishings for the new Halifax-Northampton Regional Airport
  • Financial support for the successful efforts of the NO TOLLS I-95 Coalition


Critical financial support for projects that directly impact the success of our local tourism and economic development efforts.


You need a voice in the future growth of Halifax County.  Halifax County Business Horizons provides this voice.


We're creating an energized atmosphere for growth and prosperity in Halifax County.