Membership in Halifax Horizons offers many benefits to its members and to our communities. Here are just a few reasons you or your business should be a member:

  1. You'll be a part of very important work that builds economic opportunities in our communities.
  2. A healthy economy means increased personal buying power, improved educational opportunities, and more and better cultural opportunities locally.
  3. Expanding our existing business and recruiting new business and industry expands the tax base.
  4. For every 100 new manufacturing jobs created in the community, an additional 68 jobs will be created as well as $1.2 million dollars in new retail sales per year.
  5. You need a voice in the future growth of Halifax County. Halifax County Business Horizons provides this citizen voice.
  6. We’re working to build a future for you, your family and your business.
  7. We support economic development in all our municipalities.
  8. We’re creating an energized atmosphere for growth and prosperity in all of Halifax County.

For more information on becoming a member of Halifax Horizons, download our brochure or contact us at 252-519-2630.